Sunday, April 4, 2010


The nail polish that I'm wearing is from Claire's. It is called "Dream Catcher." It's supposed to be a dupe of Chanel "Jade." I really wanted the Chanel polish, but it is discontinued, so I researched to try to find a dupe. I found that a dupe for it was this Claire's polish and a Charlotte Russe polish in "Jade." I tried to find the Charlotte Russe one because it is supposed to be a closer dupe to the Chanel one, but they didn't have it. So I bought the Claire's one and it was actually on clearance for $2. And there was only two of them left so I was excited. I still want the Charlotte Russe one, so hopefully I will find it. Anyways, I love this nail polish though. It is such a pretty color! I would describe it as a light green with tiny shimmer (that is not that noticeable from far away). It sometimes looks like it has some blue to it, but I think it's actually has more of a yellow tone. I sometimes feel like this nail polish glows haha because the color just has this kind of brightness to it. Also, I think I used like 3 coats, but it could probably use 4 because it is very sheer. Here are some pictures of the nail was hard to get a good picture of the color. Oh, and please excuse how gross my hands look...they are not photogenic haha.

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