Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trend | Block Heel Sandals

I've been noticing many sandals lately with this style and I love them! I ordered the Lucky Brand ones because I tried on a pair in the store and they were actually pretty comfortable. We will see how they work out!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Konjac Sponges | A Review

What are Konjac sponges? Konjac sponges are sponges made from 100% Konjac plant root, so they are chemical-free and biodegradable. 

What they claim to do: 
  • Gently cleanse and exfoliate skin
  • Balance the acidic pH of the skin (the sponges are naturally alkaline) 

How to use Konjac sponges: 
  • Rinse and soak sponge until it becomes soft
  • Gently massage face in circular motion (you can use it with your cleanser)           
  • Rinse and squeeze sponge and hang to dry

What do I think? Konjac sponges are made by many different companies. Mine was by "My Konjac Sponge" and I bought it on for $10. It was the Original Pure one without any clays or charcoal added. When I first opened the package, I was amazed at how hard the sponge felt. It felt like a rock, but once I rinsed it under water for a bit, it became really soft and almost gelatinous. I used it with my usual cleanser, and it felt so nice on my skin. My skin felt so soft and smooth afterward.   The smoothness did not seem to last very long, though. I used the sponge once a day for about a week, and I noticed that I started to break out more than I usually do. I decided to stop using the sponge to see if it was the cause, and after several days, my skin started to clear up. I think it caused breakouts for me because of its alkaline pH. The pH of healthy skin tends to be slightly acidic and should be kept at that pH so that the skin's barrier is not disrupted. I really wanted this sponge to work out for me, but its alkaline pH really messed with my skin. 


Sunday, March 9, 2014

NOTD: China Glaze Sweet Hook

This polish is from the Spring 2012 Electropop Collection. I recently bought it because I was wanting a pinky purple. I love it! The formula was surprisingly pretty good. I used 2 coats.

Disclaimer: I did not receive anything for free. I am not being paid and this is my honest opinion.

Yum | Healthy Snacks

I recently decided that I wanted to start eating healthier and get fit again! I really want to try to stick with it this time since I usually only last around a few weeks of healthy eating and working out. I can already feel the difference in my body and it has only been about a week! Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks since I tend to snack a lot throughout the day.

1.) Air-popped Popcorn: It's quick and easy to make your own in the microwave! Just put the kernels in a brown paper bag, fold over the edge, and place it in your microwave. I like to add olive oil and salt to mine. Here is an old video I made showing how to do this:

2.) Frozen Banana Pieces: Slice up a banana and put the slices in the freezer for a few hours. They taste so wonderful and creamy. 

3.) Apple Slices with Almond Butter: You can also use peanut butter or sun butter (from sunflower seeds). 

4.) Hummus and Veggies or Chips: My favorite brand of hummus is not pictured above, but it is Sabra.

5.) Roasted Carrots: I've been obsessed with these! Slice up some baby carrots lengthwise, drizzle olive oil, salt, and a little bit of brown sugar over them. Put them in the oven at 375° F for about 15 minutes. Make sure to check on them and move them around a bit, so that they don't burn!