Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DuWop Cosmetics

DuWop Cosmetics has many different products, from face products-to cheeks-to eyes-to lips. Some of their popular products include their lip venom, reverse lipliner, and their blushboosters. For some reason, we have never tried any of DuWop's products before, or really knew much about them, except for their lip venom.

This is really random, but their name, "DuWop," reminds us of the Hanson song, "MMMBop." Not really sure why. Haha, everytime we see "DuWop," we start singing the chorus of that song, even though we don't even know how the song really goes (obviously, since they don't even say "duwop" in it). So this is what we are singing: "Duwop, bop bop, duwop. Duwop, bop bop, doo, yeaah yeaah!" Haha.

DuWop's blushbooster in Apple looks gorgeous! DuWop describes it as "luminous rose." We've heard some good things about this blush: that it gives a healthy natural glow! We do not usually wear much face products because our skin tends to break out from everything, but we still love blush and wear it on special occasions! Blush just makes you look put together and can finish a look. We definitely want to try this blush.

Have any of you tried anything from DuWop? If so, what did you think of them?

Disclaimer: We are sponsored by Apothica and this is an entry for a contest.

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Biba said...

Wow, this blush looks so pretty! I have never heard of this brand before...